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Icon-Baby, the interior design blog /// Trending: Polished Steel

1///  Bench by John Lyle Design available in Australia. 
Please contact me for more information.
2///  Console in polished steel with a polished top and 
“pearl oyster" design legs. 
Please contact me for more information.
3///  X- leg stool in stainless steel, available in Australia 
to the Trade. Please contact me for more information.
4///  High side table in stainless steel, available in Australia 
to the Trade. Please contact me for more information.
5///  Balloon Chair in stainless steel, available in Australia 
to the Trade. Please contact me for more information.
6///  Bench in stainless steel, available in Australia 
to the Trade. Please contact me for more information.
7///  Sculpture coffee table with a multi faceted cut, 
Aluminum plated. Available in Australia to the Trade. 
Please contact me for more information.

Paris apartment chic
Polished concrete table top with custom made stainless steel legs. 
Stunning light gray polished concrete dining table with stainless steel legs. Please contact me for more information.


Designer · Exhibitions  Demisch Danant
Icon-Baby, the interior design blog ///Trending: Raffia & Steel
@ Sabine Warlich

1/// VINTAGE Travertine and polished steel credenza 
2/// VINTAGE cabinet with a chevron pattern in polished steel and brass 
3/// Glazed porcelain Whippet sculpture from Live. Like. You. 
4/// Large Cowhide ottoman with 70th inspired metal 
5/// Five door mirrored cabinet by Ello, Chicago - mid 70th 
6/// White ceramic glazed Foo Dogs. Live. Like. You.

DESIGNER David Whitcomb - 1970
Holland & Sherry - Wallpaper Collection
Valentino’s NY apartment - The Book of Interior Design and Decoration ©1976

Don't you love the raffia paneled ceiling and walls, the indirect lighting, the mix of styles, centuries and continents... What an entrance! 
Southampton Long Island | John Saladino


Architectural Digest International Interiors -1979, Morocco - Ives Vidal
Moroccan Arabesque
York castle, a fortress above Tangier, dating from the sixteenth century. The fortress has seen many conqueror come and go.    French Yves Vidal, the French former president of Knoll International acquired the ruin and set about the challenging task of rebuilding it to an unusual holiday retreat for himself.
Architectural Digest International Interiors -1979, Morocco - Ives Vidal
Architectural Digest International Interiors -1979, Morocco - Ives Vidal
Architectural Digest International Interiors -1979, Morocco - Ives Vidal


 Overlooking both the Mediterranean and the Lebanon Mountains, the Beirut home known as ‘The Pink House’ is remarkable, not only for its dramatic color, but for its relative antiquity. Dating from 1882, it is an uncommon vintage building for Beirut. The challenge of providing contemporary interiors for this home was undertaken by one of the most innovative designers from the Middle East, Sami el Khazen.  It is an intriguing blend of old and new, of East and West – with Islamic art perhaps the predominant influence.

Architecural Digest International - 1979,  Beirut. Sami el Khazen
The curves and geometric shapes of traditional Islamic interior architecture were used to create a calm environment. He combined six small rooms to a monumental living space and redivided it visually through the placement of sculptures and the variation of floor levels. The result is a large space that flows from one to the other without obvious interruption.
“Lighting must have as many variations and possibilities as the changing mood of a beautiful woman.”
 The dining room is one part of the large area with almost no natural light available. The designer has created a solution by providing a glass toped dining table with a dramatically illuminated fibreglass base.
Architecural Digest International - 1979,  Beirut. Sami el Khazen
An architectural horizontal line lowers the eyeline, and contoured platforms echo the shape of the arches. A shimmering sculpture-curtain sets of the studio area from the dining area. In the background, the arrangement of cylindrical plastic modular elements and a colourful moucharaby bring proportion to the fifteen-foot-high vaulted ceiling.
Architecural Digest International - 1979,  Beirut. Sami el Khazen
 Asymmetrically curved steps lead to the sitting area. The area itself is the centre of the progression of circles the second tier of the floor provides seating, while the rise of the third, serves as a backrest for the seating.
Architecural Digest International - 1979,  Beirut. Sami el Khazen


The house of Richard Tam on Hydra, a Greek island. “It’s not what something costs that’s important, it is how well it succeeds in making one’ s life richer.”Understated color and simplified geometric forms combine in the unpretentious, yet sophisticated Living room.
 Architectural Digest International Interiors - 1979, Greek-Island
Gleaming against the muted background are brass candlesticks, a classically inspired bronze figure and contemporary works by Garry Craig – a gold and silver unicorn and a lacquered four-panel screen.

Architectural Digest International Interiors - 1979, Greek-Island
An elongated honeycomb motive defines the sculptured fireplace designed and build for the living room by a Czech craftsman.  The rough stone floor, dense flokati rugs, smooth lacquered tables and colorful floor pillows create an effective harmony of texture.


Modern staircase hallway - Magni Design - Beverly Hills, California
Entrance hall - Steven Volpe Design - San Francisco
Contemporary dining room Pamplemousse Design - NY


1// Cabinet, lacquer, with bamboo trim and gold leaf handles. Worlds Away
2// 1940's French chest
3// 1940's - DorothyDraper, Espana Chest USA
4// Heron Lorica Armoire, Bone Inlay, here
5// Karl Springer Style credenza in faux goatskin
6// Credenza at Craigvan den Brulle
7// 1940’s - SyrieMaugham chest in bleached mahogany.


Joyce Bryant -1954
Serge Roche inspired wall scone - Carole Gratale
Andre Groult
Serge Roche console 
Conchita 1931 
Mark Bankowsky - Tall Four Panel Plaster Resin Screen
Serge Roche

WHITE L'Architecture du XX siècle en Hautes-Pyrénées /// Villa Noailles, Hyères by Robert Mallet-Stevens,1928

Villa Noailles
If walls could talk ... The story behind the Villa Noailles Villa Noailles is an early modernist house, built by architect R o b e r t   M a l l e t - S t e v e n s for art patrons Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, between 1923 and 1927. It is located in the hills above Hyères, in theVar, southeastern France.

Villa Noailles
Villa Noailles - The outdoor bed room!
Villa Noailles
Villa Noailles
J a m e s   L o r d, an American writer was a guest of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles in the mid-fifties. In his book Picasso and Dora: a memoir he writes: 

"...an undistinguished cubist extravaganza of reinforced concrete set atop a high hill, within the ancient walls of a Saracen fortress. It had been designed in the late twenties by a fashionable architect named Mallet-Stevens, contained something like f i f t y  (50) r o o m s and was surrounded by a large garden." 

He recalls the room, where Marie-Laure tried to seduce him: "...a large salon at Saint-Bernard which had no windows but was lighted from above by a bizarre cubist skylight which occupied almost all the ceiling, adding to the sense of existing outside time in a stranded ocean liner." The beauty of the location did not help, however, the "redoubtable viscountess" in conquering his chastity.
Villa Noailles ceiling sky lights
Villa Noailles - Ocean liner elegance of the 20s
Villa Noailles 

A LIGHTER SHADE OF PALE - 6 professional tips

The popular believe is, that choosing white as the main color of a design scheme is the easiest “bullet-proof” solution. 

Far from it! Deciding to go for an all-white decorating scheme can be the beginning of a large set of problems. White rooms are much more complex than they appear, because there are no distractions. Every choice becomes critical. White can be very boring or cold and clinical. However, used in the right way, it can be a very dramatic color. 

Check out these 6 tips that can help you to create a dynamic all white interior.

///// ADD TEXTURES Avoid a sea of perfectly smooth white surfaces. Choosing textured furnishings and decorative objects in several tonal variations adds interest to an all-white scheme and avoids a stark and clinical feel. Stick to soft whites, then vary the tones for depth. Play with texture, such as matt finishes and limewashes, and add accents.

/////  WALLS Uses a variety of different paint finishes and add extra interest to white walls. White can hide imperfections in old walls, make tiny rooms seem larger than they really are and transform a dark area into a light and airy space. Uses a variety of different paint finishes and add extra interest to white walls. White can hide imperfections in old walls, make tiny rooms seem larger than they really are and transform a dark area into a light and airy space.

///// TIP: If you have old and imperfect cracked walls, keep them as they are and oppose them with high polished sleek finishes. 

///// WHITE ACCENT WALLS  Instead of the usual choice of saturated colors, white makes for an unexpected accent wall. A individual white wall can create a bright focal point in a room, can create an anchor to a seating area or showcase art.

A whiter shade of pale - White in Interior Spaces

Icon-Baby, the interior design blog 'a whiter shade of pale...'
1//   Mid Century Sonneman folded chrome chandelier here 
2//   Vladimir Kagan chair
3//   Vintage credenza by Ello Furniture Co, Chicago here 
4//   Grey painted reed console table by Gabriella Crespi, 1970
5//   Karl Springer’s Souffle Poufs - USA, 1980's
6//   DIY IDEA: Custom lamps made from vintage Foo-Dogs. Set on rectangle            lucite base with a black rod running vertical from lucite base and connects to        harp. The custom cylinder shades are hand painted. 
7//   Lucite Lounge Chairs by Gary Gutterman, 1970
8//   Vladimir Kagan Sofa USA 1980s 
9//   Heavy agate polished rock on a metal base. Willy Daro, Belgium, 1975 here.

Bianca & Mick Jagger
W h i t e r   S h a d e   O f   P a l e 

We skipped the light fandango
turned cartwheels 'cross the floor
I was feeling kinda seasick
but the crowd called out for more
The room was humming harder
as the ceiling flew away
When we called out for another drink
the waiter brought a tray
And so it was that later
as the miller told his tale
that her face, at first just ghostly,
turned a whiter shade of pale

She said, 'There is no reason
and the truth is plain to see.'
But I wandered through my playing cards
and would not let her be
one of sixteen vestal virgins
who were leaving for the coast
and although my eyes were open
they might have just as well've been closed

She said, 'I'm home on shore leave,'
though in truth we were at sea 
so I took her by the looking glass 
and forced her to agree 
saying, 'You must be the mermaid 
who took Neptune for a ride.' 
But she smiled at me so sadly 
that my anger straightway died 

If music be the food of love 
then laughter is its queen 
and likewise if behind is in front 
then dirt in truth is clean 
My mouth by then like cardboard 
seemed to slip straight through my head 
So we crash-dived straightway quickly 
and attacked the ocean bed 

Words by Keith Reid

A LIGHTER SHADE OF PALE - 8 Decorating Tips for White Interiors

///// White has the power to unify incoherent spaces.
White on the walls and floors harmonizes the space and creates continuity from one room to another. It encourages flow and makes a room quiet and relaxing to the eye.

///// On the floor, white makes a daring statement. White hardwood changes the entire look and feel of a space, creating an open, bright appearance. Painting floorboards in a white shade, will add to the illusion of space. For a white opaque finish on floorboards use Acrylic Enamel Floor paint in a low gloss. For a softer washed-white that highlights the timber’s grain, choose a wood wash paint.

///// White can soften architectural peculiarities.
If everything's painted white, then that odd pipe or ugly door almost magically disappears.

///// White makes old things seem more current. Do you have a divers mix of old furniture and only a limited budget? Get white paint and start painting your furniture. Mixing various styles and materials will create an interesting space with understated personality. Mismatching furniture, all painted white will work perfect together. Tip: make sure to select different shades of white and different effects like velvet, lacquer or crackle finish.

///// White upholstery can be practical. Let the white be lived in, even if you have children. Use pre-shrunk slipcovers in machine washable materials. Don't iron. Embrace the crumpled, imperfect look.

//// Use outdoor fabrics inside. Faux leathers, fur and suedes are also very forgiving. Use vinyl to give the sense of texture without sacrificing stain resistance.

///// Use white drapes. If you have young children, don’t cover everyday pieces in white fabrics. Instead choose white-linen curtains, which are much less likely to get stained, specially if you add a contrasting colored border to the bottom of the curtain, where the fabric grazes the floor.

///// To accentuate a room’s height hang long white drapes as close to the ceiling as possible.

/////Add rows of white portieres.

According to M.Smith, the "utterly simple curtains are made from 200 yards of pure white medium-weight Italian linen with a matte satin finish, hung with a glamorous drape from plain wrought iron rods."
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