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Icon Trend | INFRAROUGE | Does Decorating your Home with RED Make You Sexy?

Steve Greenberg Interior Design
Home of Sydney-siders Peter Lin and John Wilson

I like sexy rooms,

and I don’t think all-beige

is very sexy.

-Billy Baldwin

Fashion & Interior design color fusion 
Interior design by Alex Papachristidis
1972 Interior designer Valerian Rybar 
San Francisco house of Alex and Trevor Traina, designed by Thomas Britt
Zaha Hadid's Moraine sofa
English Eccentric Designer Richard Adams' chic London flat and divine red bedroom
A hallway with a custom-lacquer finish in RED
Andreea Diaconu by Solve Sundsbo for VOGUE ITALIA
Ian Schraeger’s Gramercy Park Hotel
Colored glass Barrique cabinets by Roldolfo Dordoni Ernestomeda
1970th Billy Baldwin
Etienne Russo for Villa Eugénie - Set design for Hermès Spring Summer 2015
Diane Kruger by Mark Abrahams for Harper’s Bazaar Russia May 2013
Designer Richard Adams' chic London flat and divine red bedroom
Designer Hutton Wilkinson's home in Beverly Hill
Laura Sartori Rimini's left bank Paris apartment
More to come...

Icon Trend | INFRAROUGE | Does Wearing Red Make You Sexy?

Does Wearing Red make you more Appealing to the Opposite Sex?
An excerpt from Psychology Today 

It is well known that people stereotype others based on their skin color, but did you know that people also stereotype colors themselves?

The best example of this is the long-held association that black is bad and white is good
Just watch an old Western movie and you can immediately tell who the good guys and bad guys are by the color of their cowboy hats. This example shows that colors contribute more than just aesthetics. Colors also carry specific meanings, such as good or bad that likely have important influences on psychological functioning. Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta extended this idea of color stereotypes to the study of sexual attraction (Elliot & Niesta, 2008). Specifically, they were interested if certain colors were more likely to be associated with sex appeal, and if so, would wearing them make people more attractive to the opposite sex. So when you think about sexiness, what color first comes to mind?  If you are like most Americans, you thought of the color red. Red means different things to different cultures [...] in American culture,

red often means sex. [...] If red is typically associated with sex, then does wearing red make a woman sexier? [...] Clearly Hollywood thinks red makes women sexy but does the empirical research support this assumption? To test this idea, Elliot and Niesta showed men a photograph of a moderately attractive woman and asked them to rate her attractiveness. For some, the woman in the photo was wearing a red shirt. For others, the same woman was wearing a blue shirt. 
The results showed that men rated the woman in red as more attractive and more sexually desirable than the same woman in blue. [...] Interestingly, when these men were asked if the color of her shirt or background had an influence on their attraction, none reported that it did. 
This indicates that color influences our judgments in an automatic and primarily nonconscious manner. These studies provided empirical evidence that the "lady in red" is a sexually appealing image for men. But what about what women like? 

Are women just as intrigued by a gentleman in red? Unlike the image of a woman in red, there are few references in pop culture of a man dressed in red. [...] But red is a versatile color. It doesn't just represent sex and lust; it also is used to represent power and prestige. [...] A quick look around will tell you that this association between red and power seems to have continued into the present-day: The "red carpet" is only rolled out during special events (e.g., Oscars), and only the most prestigious individuals are allowed to walk on it. [...] And the stereotypic image of a successful, powerful man is one who drives a red sports car.

To examine if red makes men seem more powerful, and therefore more desirable to women, Elliot and colleagues conducted another series of studies [...]. Women from four different countries [...] viewed photos of male targets. In some of the studies, the man in the photo wore a shirt that was red or another hue; in other studies, the man was pictured against a red or alternatively colored background. Across seven studies, women were more likely to find the man attractive and sexually appealing when he was associated with the color red. More importantly, the results showed that this effect of red on attraction was mediated by increased perceptions of status. 
That is, men associated with red were rated as higher in status, and it was this increase in perceived status that appealed to women.

Taken together, the results of these studies imply some practical dating advice: 
Next time you are getting ready for a date, consider injecting some red into your wardrobe. If a red dress or red shirt is too loud for your taste, then try adding just a touch of red. If you are a woman, consider red jewelry or red high heel shoes (or the recently popular black heels with a red sole). If you are a man, consider a red tie or red handkerchief. [...]


Icon Trend | Get the LOOK | Infrared
1. Céline belt bag in bright red.
2. Toad Swinging Pouf in pink - 1stdips. 
3. 1970s pair of Rodier "TOTEM" Shelves.
4. Karl Springer inspired Asian modern custom cabinet - 1stdips.
5. Vintage YSL necklace from the 70th.
6. Taxidermy study 'Scarlet Ibis' by Sinke & Van Tongeren - 1stdips.
7. Sectional sofa CAMALEONDA by MARIO BELLINI.
8. Exclusive for NET-A-PORTER.COM, The VOLON bag.
9. POP side table by Guy de Rougemont/Diane de Polignac, 2012 - 1stdips.
10. Cabinet by James Dolena, 1946 - 1stdips. 
RED is hard. There are so many bad ones. They’re either too Bordello or too raspberry nail polish or they are so primary and overly frank that they are looking like out of a kindergarten. I’m always looking for either a pomegranate red or a Chinese lacquer red. Red is such an important color in fashion and in interior designs, but red needs nuance, subtlety, and depth. So in those rare instances that I use it in interiors, I like red as a glaze, a lacquer, a fabric or leather upholstery that create nuanced variations to the base tone. This season, in fashion, red is offered monochrome and mixed with white, for a hyper sportive look, or with all levels of purple for a nouveau flair.

Edited by SAWA
Fashion illustration by the German designer JOOP 'Black beauty in red dress'
Street Style | Photo by VICTORIA ADAMSON
Street Style | Photo by VICTORIA ADAMSON
Renee Perle by Jacques Henri Lartigue.,1914 (Photo manipulation by SAWA)
Louis Vuitton X Supreme Red Epi Keepall Bandouliere Duffle Bag
Elsa Peretti, 1976 by Horst P. Horst 
 Givenchy Fall 2017
 Givenchy Fall 2017
 Givenchy Fall 2017
 Givenchy Fall 2017
Stay tuned for more.

Accessory Trend | INFRAROUGE | ICON'S Céline Favourites

Céline's belt bag



Icon Trend | The accessory Blog
1.  Louis Vuitton ‘Palm Springs PM Backpack’ in Infrarouge.   2.  Custom painted leather jacket via Mukta, Japan.  3.  BALENCIAGA stretch satin skinny pants-boots.   4.  Rabbit fur handmade pillbox hat 'Miaou Zebra Cat Ears’ made by Benoit Missolin via Valery Demure.  5.   Croc embossed ‘Pouty Bag’ by Charlotte Olympia.   6.  Elizabeth earring by Delfina Delettrez via Louisa via Roma.  7.  Nancy Gonzalez handbag in crocodile leather exclusive for Colette   8.  Pandora box bag by Givenchy.   9.  Balenciaga boots exclusive for Colette.

Icon-Trend | New York Sreetstyle 
Of all the accessory trends that happen in a season, color trends are the hardest to spot. 
The global accessories market is so vast that often virtually most shades are represented in one season. In order for a particular color to stand out it has to be especially popular and for Fall 2017/18, RED accessories are indeed everywhere. RED comes up every few years, but this season RED is INTENSE, often head-to-toe in experimental and surprising displays that challenge our preconception about RED as a colour, only to be used in small doses. RED is taking centre stage in looks that mix classics with true sports-wear or grunge elements with feminine fashion staples. And accessories play the same game, juxtaposition opposing elements, surprising us with a completely new expression. This major statement look is avantgarde and full of optimism and energy. We predict that RED will stay for some seasons to come. * Edited by SAWA 
Icon-Trend | New York Sreetstyle 
Off-White, Paris
Icon-Trend | New York Sreetstyle | PHOTOGRAPHED BY VICTORIA ADAMSON.
Icon-Trend | New York Sreetstyle 
Icon-Trend | New York Sreetstyle 
Tracey Emin
Icon-Trend | New York Sreetstyle 

Vogue China - Sharif Hamza, Model Fei Fei Sun

Bottega Veneta - Olimpia Bag in red 
Balenciaga-, Everyday-Tote
ELENA GHISELLINI - envelope shoulder bag in red
Furla, camouflage print in red 
ELENA GHISELLINI - 'Angel Sensua' tote
Givenchy - Antigona Bag in red
Gucci - Nymphaea Bag
Irina Kha - Python print bag
Miu-Miu - Click Bag
Milan Fashion Week
Tods - Wave Bag
Valentino - Pieper Satchel
Valentino - ROCKSTUD BAG
Haider Ackermann S/S 2018
NYC Street style 2017
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